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Sabbir Hossain Ms. Henderson ENG 0100 19 July 2011 The Highly Sophisticated Mercedes Benz Blog 1 Mercedes Benz started out with two of the greatest engineers, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz, who were both in development of motor-powered vehicles. From the 1920’s up till now, this company lives up to its name and class. Originating in Germany; this company did not start out on its own. “Daimler had his own automobile industry, Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft (DMG), while Karl Benz was with Benz & Cie” (Trevor Legate, The Ultimate History of Mercedes-Benz). Both companies were rivals; however, due to World War 1 with the economy in decline, both companies had no choice but to merge in order to save the motor wagon industries. “Emil Jellinek, an Austrian businessman, had a huge contribution to the newly merged company, with his belt-driven invention. He soon had a daughter, Mercedes, which means “grace” in Spanish; the name would be revolutionary for the future of automobile industry” ( As the world changed, Mercedes-Benz improved its automobiles, developing elegant sedans, highly desirable sports cars, and hybrid models, the company’s newest and most fuel-efficient achievement. Blog 2 Mercedes Benz was a company of status, class, and wealth. It was a question of money; if one had a Mercedes Benz, one was rich. The same can be said about other car companies, such as BMW a rival from the very beginning. Both companies are German and have product offerings of highly stylistic luxury automobiles. It is believed that the sales of BMW are increasing, whereas those of its rival are decreasing. Personally, I am a fan of BMW. But it interests me how there are more Mercedes cars on the market than ever before. Particulary the E-Class frequently can be seen on the road. So, what advantages does the E-Class Mercedes Benz have over

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