Menzies The Role Of Communism In Australia

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INTRODUCTION Menzies had led a strong Liberal-Country party coalition to succeed in the general election on December 1949, and therefore becoming prime minister. During the period of 1949-1966, Sir Robert Gordon Menzies was the 12th longest serving prime minister and the 17th prime minister in Australia during his term as prime minister, Australia underwent notable economical advance. As the catastrophic days of World War II came to an end, the European and Asian population had a feat of expansion of communism. Menzies helped to improve the economy by building more factories which got people more jobs, he put high tariff to protect farmers. However, Menzies wasn't on the favoured side he made decisions that many people opposed from like the sale of pig iron. Political groups like 'the movement' their aim were to oppose communist influence within the ALP and unions. Although later towards his rein, his intentions were seen as unethical and somewhat using communism as a threat to gain people's votes. However, he tried to express his aims for the people (People Speech) which was directed…show more content…
This essay will examining areas of social, economical, political and military will prove the following hypothesis: Robert Menzies was able to keep power for 16 years in Australia due to the threat of spread of communism shaping the way Australia
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