Mentos and Soda

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Steps in the Mentos in Pop Experiment Soda and Mentos Volcano This is the classic experiment. It requires a couple Mentos and a 2-liter bottle of soda. Directions: Remove the lid from the bottle and the paper and foil wrappers from the Mentos. Drop a couple Mentos into the bottle. This will cause the "eruption" and you should see a 3- or 4-foot plume of bubbly cola. Warning: Do not do this inside. Or, if you do, at least put down some waterproof sheets as this experiment will cause a mess. Soda and Mentos Geyser The extreme version of the soda and Mentos volcano is called the geyser as the eruption usually gets closer to 10 or even 15 feet high. Directions: Follow the directions for the volcano, but use more of the sweets to create a bigger explosion. Warning: Certainly do not try this indoors as this will create a huge mess. Soda and Mentos Rocket For this experiment you will need a lot of space and an area where the rocket will not land on anybody or anything; a park is the ideal place. Directions: Remove the lid from the soda and the outer paper wrapper from the tube of Mentos--but do not remove the inner foil wrapper. Put the entire tube in the bottle and replace the cap. As long as the sweets are protected from the soda by the foil, the reaction will not take place. Now shake the soda bottle well and unscrew the cap slightly until you hear a hissing. Throw the bottle into the air so it will hit the ground at a decent velocity. The impact will speed up the reaction and knock the lid off the bottle, which will be propelled up into the

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