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Student Sample SPCH 120 Mentoring Changes Lives Topic: Youth/Peer Mentoring General Purpose: To persuade. Specific Purpose: To persuade my speech class to become youth/peer mentors. Thesis Statement: The youth in our community could have successful lives if you volunteer to be their mentors. Introduction: How many of you heard about the shooting that happened in Oakland over the weekend? Well if you haven’t, seven people were shot (including a one year old baby)! The most shocking part of it was the shooters were caught on video camera and they turned out to be teenagers except one who was thirty. I. How many of you know youth who was involved with violence? How many of you know youth who was involved in drugs? How many…show more content…
I became a mentor for troubled young men at my church 5 years ago. I mentored this 13 year-old young man named Armand. Due to lack of volunteers, our mentoring program was shut down. I just received a call two weeks ago that Armand was arrested on 24 counts of robbery. They pegged him as the ring leader in a string of robberies in East Contra Costa County. He’s facing 25-30 years in prison before he is 18. I asked myself why? When our program was open he was doing great! When it shut down, no more than 3 years later, he is in prison. IV. It’s important that this epidemic be addressed because all of us know some Armands…and if we don’t, we have heard of some Armands. They are youth who could benefit from a positive person in their lives V. Today, I will discuss why there is a need for mentors, and the benefits of having a mentor, and what a community would look like when youth connect with mentors. The youth of today are destroying their future because no one cares about them today. Body I. Did you know the reason why youth join gangs, abuse drugs, and drop out of high school is because they do not have a positive adult in their…show more content…
Destructive Relationships in Home ii. Neglected by love ones iii. Learned irresponsibility. b. Results of Negative Environment i. 7 out of 10 at risk youth drop out of high school (80%) ii. 1 out of 4 teenage girls become pregnant iii. The US is # 1 in teenage drug abuse. I know after hearing these facts you may think there is no hope for our youth; however, there is light at the end of the tunnel! II. We can save our youth by stepping up and becoming mentors. a. When the community start to get involved in mentoring youth(stats) i. The youth are less likely to be physically aggressive ii. The youth are less likely to skip school iii. The youth are less likely to experiment with drugs. (than kids who are not in mentoring programs). iv. You also feel better because you are making a positive impact in your community. b. Therefore it is important that you take the initiative to i. Check with Afterschool programs ii. YMCA iii. Local Boy’s and Girl’s

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