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MENTORSHIP IN PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE CRITICCALLY EXPLORE THE ROLE OF THE MENTOR IN ORGANISING, MANAGING AND LEADING A PROGRAMMES OF LEARNING IN YOUR PRACTICE AREA 08.01.12 STUDENT NUMBER: 201722761 WORD COUNT: 2509 Within this essay the author will critically explore the role of the mentor in organising, managing and leading programmes of learning in her practice area. This will look into negotiating and agreeing a learning contract with a student and planning a programme that maximise the opportunities for learning within the practice area. It will also focus on the challenges and difficulties that present themselves to the mentor whilst supporting students in practice. Morton-Cooper et al (2000) identified numerous roles that the mentors…show more content…
This was supported by Roger (1995) who found that it may stifle a learner’s creativity and motivation to learn and, according to Knowles (1986) cited in Stuart (2006) it may induce resistance, apathy or withdrawal. The author found that in her clinical area the use of learning contracts was one way of reconciling the requirements imposed by the above structures and the learner internal of having freedom to learn. The author also found that the used of learning contracts in the clinical setting, was successfully increased individualized learning and student autonomy. This finding was confirmed by Knowles (1986) cited in Stuarts (2006) who believes that learning experiences can become a mutual undertaking between the student and the…show more content…
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