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Mentor Mentor Last week you entered my therapy office in search of help to regain a grip on life after a heavy loss in your family. Do not think that you are alone. 22 to 33 percent of college student bodies are suffering a loss of someone close (, 2010). To get back into a normal routine and healthy lifestyle can be a process and take a little while. The initial majority of grievance lasts for the first couple of months even though the symptoms of grief can last for a year and longer (PubMed Health, 2012). I can say from personal experience that getting involved in therapy is a great first step. It can un-root the core of the emotional problems and allow you to see a clearer future. The help does not stop with therapy, grieving groups and things as little as staying active can counter the feelings of depression. The more we understand why we are depressed the better we can move forward. I bet you are wondering, what is the light at the end of the tunnel with therapy? This can be many things, but in your personal situation it means being able to stabilize life, develop coping habits, reducing symptoms of grief, analyzing yourself, and most importantly creating a prevention of relapse (Dr. Ranjan Patel, 2012). All of these things can be achieved with time and effort from both yourself and me. These things are very important to regain after a heavy depression. You will be able to cope with and understand what has happened to you. Without at least trying to reach some of these goals, it is most likely that you will have trouble moving on and being able to live a happier, healthier life style. Sometimes we all need a little help from time to time and knowing when you need help by asking for it is the first step. Now that you know what you are working towards let’s get to understand grief a little better. The first step of grief is

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