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Mentor Asset 1. What is your favorite time of the day? Why? My response: Nighttime b/c it is the most relaxing, less stressful noon because thats the time i eat lunch 2. What was the most courageous thing you ever did? My response: stopped a kid from chocking 3. What are your favorite subjects in school? Why? My response: Health Science!! It’s a standard to live by math and science because they are the easiest classes for me 4. Describe your favorite hobby? My response: I like to listen to good music playing my instrument 5. What scares you the most? My response: pitbull dogs germs and viruses 6. Describe an embarrassing moment in your life? My response: falling in front of a lot of people 7. Where would you live if you could live anywhere? Why? My response: Florida/the weather!! 8. Act like an elephant or a bird. My response: ??? 9. Who is your best friend? My response: Rob 10. Say the alphabet as fast as you can. 11. Would you like to travel to the moon? Why or Why not? My response: Nah, too afraid of what I’d find 12. Do a somersault or stand on your hands. My response: No problem 13. If you could get a pet (or another pet), what kind would you want? My response: A goldfish-little maintenance 14. What do you want to be when you grow up? Why? My response: a health educator so that I could change lifestyles 15. What is your favorite TV program? My response: reality TV 16. If you could have any surprise you wanted, what would you like it to be? My response: A really nice house 17. Tell about an incident when you couldn’t stop laughing. My response: the way my grandmother acts when she drinks 18. What is one thing you like about yourself? My response: my smile 19. What makes you happy? My response: seeing other people happy 20. Would you like to travel back in time to the 1600’s? Why or Why

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