Mentally Ill Criminals Essay

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Mentally Ill Criminals In the United States, capital punishment is also referred to as the death penalty. It is the highest, as in the most severe punishment that a citizen can be sentenced to. There has been an ongoing dispute as to whether or not mentally ill criminals such as grossly insane offenders should be able to face death penalty charges. According to the United States federal government, the legal definition of being insane is having a mental illness of such severe nature that a person cannot distinguish fantasy from reality. According to the Supreme Court, for a person to receive capital punishment, it is required that they have a rational understanding of the reason and effect of the execution. Some people would argue that mentally ill offenders should not be exempt from the death penalty or other alternative punishments. Others would argue that those who are truly mentally ill should not be executed, but face proper punishments instead. Executing a person for a certain crime “worthy” of capital punishment does not mean execution of the crime itself. Especially if the crime was committed by one who is completely divorced from reality. Plenty of times, criminals that have committed crimes worthy of the death penalty will most often attempt to run away from it. How does one run away from the death penalty? The insanity defense is used as a loophole, instead of by truly mentally ill people who have committed a crime. (Valkin 1.) Criminals will plead insanity or claim that they have some sort of mental illness so that therefore, the death penalty or whatever type of punishment they are receiving is less harsh. An example would be of a man well known and hated throughout the state of Colorado, Mr. James Holmes. Mr. Holmes shot up the Aurora mall Cinema on the night of July 20th 2012.While on trial, it was no surprise to me that he was facing death

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