Mental Thoughness for Soccer Essay

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Mental Toughness for Soccer Daniel Abrahams BSc MSc About The Author Daniel Abrahams is a mental toughness coach and expert in soccer psychology. He is a former professional golfer with a degree in psychology at the University of London (First Class Honours) and a Masters degree in sport psychology at Brunel University, West London. He has worked with players from some of the world’s leading clubs including (to name a few) Spurs, Arsenal, West Ham and Celtic. He is currently the head of performance psychology at QPR Football Club in the world’s biggest, best and toughest league, the English Premier League. © Dan Abrahams 2011 1 New Book: Soccer Tough Before diving into this e book I’d like to introduce you to my very first published book ‘Soccer Tough.’ More information about the book can be found on my publisher’s website here: while a sample chapter can be found here: The book is on sale on (from Aug 8th 2012) (from now),, and (both from Aug 10th 2012.) © Dan Abrahams 2011 2 Table of Contents Introduction Part One - Confidence Chapter One – Confidence and Your Negative Soccer brain Chapter Two – Building Self-Belief Chapter Three – Playing With Confidence Part Two - Focus Chapter Four – Managing Your Focus Chapter Five – Managing Your Match Intensity Chapter Six – Managing Emotions Please Note Permission has been sought and granted by soccer players mentioned and used as examples in this e book. © Dan Abrahams 2011 3 Introduction I’d like you to use your imagination. Take the role of a central defender and picture this: Your coach shouts out to your team “Come on lads, forget it and get back into this.” But you can’t help feel downbeat. Big cup game; you’ve gone a goal down; just ten minutes to

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