Mental Status Examination Essay

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For my interview I used the life story examination on my client, it was pretty clear to see the client’s dreams and aspirations for life and to see where she started going down and how her illness started and progress. I also used the excise we did in class and it helped me see some of the client’s areas of strength and weakness. It told me a lot about the client without having to ask so many questions. The client felt more comfortable doing the excise than when I was asking questions. For me using this tool does not help me diagnose the client but gives me a better understanding as to how the client feels and felt about herself, the client’s values and what she wants out of life for herself. I use the tool when I felt the client was shorting down on me. I can see myself using this tool with future clients. Below is more detailed information about my interview. My client is a 54 year single female with 3 children (all adults). This is her first interview with me and her major complaint is she felt depressed, tied and irritated all the time. Client also reported she is short of breath a lot. Client calms she has had a rough life but noticed her issues 2years ago, after her youngest son got shut and almost lost his life. Client compliant that all her children are in constant trouble with the law and that has made her feel like a failure. She does not use drugs or alcohol, has tried to make her own life better but fails at it. There is a history of mental illness in her family and heart disease and she is worried about her health because she does not take care of herself very well. Patient has never had a psychological evaluation and has never been to a counselor to talk about her problems. She is current on medication for high blood pressure. During the interview the client was alert, attentive, showed no evidence of excessive distractibility and tracked

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