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Mental Models/Mindsets Paper

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Mental Models/Mindsets Paper
Team A: Rosa Vasquez, Michel Celestine, Wendy Labell, and Kleashua Goings
University of Phoenix
Dr. Paul Sam
December 8, 2008
Mental Models/Mindsets Paper
Mental models and mindsets are used to describe how our brain processes to make sense of decisions made throughout an organization.   Mental models are also used by organizations to interact through group decision making or negotiation.   Identifying and explaining how the four steps can change the mental models and mindsets within KMRW Mortgage will be discussed in this paper.   Understanding the mental models, test the new approach, overcome inhibitors to changes, and implement the changes within KMRW mortgage.   The mental models used to transform are personal wellness, corporate growth, society, and diversity of affirmative action within the KMRW Mortgage organization.
The mental model for personal wellness is described as the approach to health issues current and potential future health issues, through proper rest, diet, and exercise.   A new approach to implement a change for proper diet and exercise is through health club discounts and medical updates.   Throughout the year KMRW Mortgage will give employees medical updates regarding any new health tips to keep them up to date with any medical checkups.   Seasonal vaccines are given by KMRW Mortgage at a discounted price to promote personal wellness in the mental model and discounts for health clubs.   Overcoming the inhibitors to these changes should be positive KMRW Mortgage is trying to exemplify they care about their employees health.   The implementation of promoting these changes within KMRW appears to be successful because these services are used often by employees.
      This section of the paper will explain how growth can change the mental models/mindsets of KMRW Mortgage.   The way he or she makes sense of our world is determined by our internal minds and by the external world he or she sees around themselves....

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