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Mental Health Time/Action Profile Therapeutic effects: • It takes 2-4 weeks before the patient shows a significant response to the medication. Initially, patients take their medications 2-4x a day and once the symptoms disappear, the dosage may be changed to 1x a day. Once maintenance on a particular medication is established, the patient is kept on the lowest therapeutic dose. Haldol and Prolixin are available in short and long-acting forms. 60% of patients who do not respond to conventional antipsychotics will have significant improvement with newer medications. Chlorpromazine (Typical) Route Onset Peak Duration PO 30-60 unknown 4-6 hr min IM unknown unknown 4-8 hr IV rapid unknown unknown Haloperidol (Typical) Onset Peak Duration…show more content…
Anti-psychotic medications are indicated for schizophrenia, mania, autism and to treat the symptoms of psychosis. Symptoms of psychosis may include hallucinations, delusions, bizarre behavior, disorganized thinking, and agitation. Some of the typical antipsychotic medications such as chlorpromazine, are used as anti-emetics or for postoperative intractable hiccups. Antipsychotic medications administered orally have a variable rate of absorption complicated by the presence of food, antacids, and smoking. Administering antipsychotic medication with anticholinergic drugs will slow gastric motility. Absorption after IM administration is less variable because this method avoids the first-pass effects. IM administration produces greater bioavailability. When administering an IM, choose a muscle that is frequently active because IM drugs absorb slowly and erratically when the muscle is not used…show more content…
Has significant anti-cholinergic/alpha-adrenergic blocking activity Haloperidol: Alters the effects of dopamine in the CNS. Also has anti-cholinergic and alpha-adrenergic blocking activity • THERAPEUTIC EFFECTS Chlorpromazine: Diminished signs/symptoms of psychosis. Relief of nausea/vomiting/intractable hiccups. Decreased symptoms of porphyria. Haloperidol: Diminished signs and symptoms of psychoses. Improved behavior in children with Tourette’s syndrome or other

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