Mental Health Stigma Reflection Paper

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Running head: MENTAL HEALTH STIGMA REFLETION PAPER Mental illnesses are conditions that are stigmatized against locally and globally. Individuals with mental illnesses have been stigmatizing throughout history. They are considered as dangerous and aggressive, which in return increased their risk for social isolation. During the middle ages individuals with mental illnesses were treated very poorly. The society believe back then and even today in some cultures that individuals with mental disorder were possessed with some kind of evil spirit, therefore, they used exorcisms, starvation, torture, and even death to rid the person of evil. According to Zartaloudi & Madianos (2010), Mental illness individual have always been impacted by inequity and inequality throughout their lives. I personally, as a fellow citizen and a nursing student, had a different point of view of individuals living with mental disorders fifteen years ago. My belief was that all individuals with mental disorder were dangerous, which is stereotyping against peoples with mental disorders. Furthermore, the stereotype leads to prejudice because, I used to run away from individuals with mental illnesses when they walk by me, and the reason for this type of behaviour was due to the lack of knowledge in regard to the nature and causes of mental illnesses. As fellow citizens and nursing students, we are members of our community, and we play a big role and our society and around the world. If we see others are being treated unjustly, it is our responsibility to ensure that they are treating justly regardless of their mental states. In a social sense individual with mental illnesses around the world, have equal right as everyone else, and as a member of their communities they share the same responsibilities and rights as

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