Mental Health Services Essay

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Micaela Bermudez Carla Deicke Grady Philosophy 3 23, October 2014 Mental Health Services Have you ever wondered why there is so much violence and suicide? Why are the jails and prisons expanding? Lack of mental health services is a huge reason. In November of 2013, a Virginia state senator, Creigh Deeds, was stabbed by his son, Gus, who was mentally ill. A day before this occurred; Gus was not emitted to a psychiatric hospital because there were no beds available (Paul Schwartzman Page#1). Those mentally ill who cannot get the help needed due to money issues, or not having enough mental health services reaching out to them, might lead them to commit suicide, kill or harm others, or end up in jails and prisons. Yes, the Affordable Care Act may help, but it might not be enough. The government’s budget should give more funding to mental health services in order to possibly decrease violence, prisons, emergency room visits, and even medical costs. First, across the nation, individuals with a severe mental illness could be three times more likely to be in a jail or prison than in a mental health facility. 40 percent of individuals with a severe mental illness might have spent some time of their lives in jail, prison, or community corrections. Meaning, jails and prisons are often being used as mental health facilities, and they are not meant for this. Incarcerating them may not be the solution, but having more mental health services can be. A study by the U.S. Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) showing that 64 percent of local jail inmates, 56 percent of state prisoners and 45 percent of federal prisoners have symptoms of serious mental illnesses (Aufderheide, Dean Page #1). Those are huge numbers of the mentally ill and why are they not in a mental health facility? They mainly end up in jail or prisons because they committed violent
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