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MENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH CENTER KENYA 2011 MENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH CENTER OF KENYA Priorities for research into mental illness in the developing world are not the same as those in the West, writes Katherine Nightingale.There are 450 million people around the world living with a mental disorder. MHRC KENYA NAIROBI KENYA Concept Paper for Initiating a Mental Health Research Center in Kenya FORWARD MENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH CENTER It is widely acknowledged that high quality research enhances strategic planning and service delivery. It is of equal importance to the policy maker, the practitioner and the user of the service. The challenge for the Mental Health Commission, in collaboration with all our stakeholders, is to promote research in the Irish mental health services which will be accessible and relevant to those working in the mental health services, involves users, addresses the complexities and changing needs in mental health and encourages innovation and critical appraisal. The Action Plan, outlined in this paper, will facilitate the development of a comprehensive body of research information and knowledge in relation to the mental health services in Kenya and, and promote strategic alliances between academic centre’s and institutions, and the mental health services. This Concept paper has been prepared by Dr. Nelly Kitazi Okatch. M.B.Ch.B., M.Med(Psych.)Assisted By Mr. Richard Kamonya BA( Hons)Public Adm. ,MA International Relations. For Any Enquiries Please Contact: Dr. Kitazi On Or Richard on MENTAL HEALTH RESEARCH CENTER The Proposed Mental Health Research Center will be an independent, statutory body under the auspices of KEMRI established by an Act of Parliament under the provisions of the Mental Health Act. The principle functions of the

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