Mental Health - Case Study 2

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Written Assignment, Part A Case Study 1 (A Collision of Wills or Priorities) It is difficult to put a level of importance identifying service issues, attitudes and problems because I feel when dealing with the service of an individual and their rights all issues are important. However, there seems to be a domino affect in the case study: 1. A technician’s attitude is crucial in dealing with an individual with mental disabilities. Sue’s attitude was negative and resentful about having to take the time to teach Betsy to help prepare a meal. Sue clearly didn’t want to take the time to help Betsy learn anything and resented the time it was going to take to do so. I think when someone has a negative attitude it will come through in their speech, actions, behaviorisms and can translate to those around them. Betsy could have been sensitive to these negative feelings coming from sue and in turn set off some negative emotions. 2. Clearly there are abuse issues: 1. Sue escorts Betsy out of the kitchen and firmly sits her in a chair. 2.Sue yells at Betsy angrily and pushes Betsy toward a chair. 3. Sue grabs Betsy and, whirls her around and shakes her violently. A technician should never put their hands on a client in this manner. Sue acted without sufficient regard for the welfare of Betsy and there was definitely potential for physical harm. This was careless reckless behavior and could have resulted in significant harm. 3. Basic to all rights of an individual is to be treated with dignity and respect. Sue completely failed to treat Betsy with dignity and respect, by speaking to her by rote shows how she is being very disrespectful of Betsy’s needs. It’s important that a technician speaks to an individual with respect, understanding and encouragement. Once again, this is Sue’s negative attitude toward the situation, which I’m sure Betsy

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