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Mental Health and Behavior of Early Childhood Experiments and Documentation of Early Childhood Aggression and Mental Behavior Foothill Community College Britaney Bianco Psychology 40, Summer 2014 Voltaire Villanueva Abstract When I look at children, I wonder what goes through their minds a lot. They are usually happy and cheerful. That’s the way they are supposed to be and how we are supposed to think of them. It’s not always this way. Some children are born with aggression problems or are angry most of the time because of something that might have been handed down to them. I have a four year old daughter and she seems to be a happy child most of the time. She has her attitudes here and there, but I’m noticing she’s aggressive towards animals. Which is really odd. She is NEVER aggressive with other children to my knowledge. But this made me curious. Why do toddlers act this way? Are they in need of more attention that’s already been given? Could they be acting out for attention because it’s the only kind they get? I pay PLENTY of attention to my daughter but sometimes I feel like it might not be enough. This topic interests me not only because of my daughter, but also because of a friend who suffers from Tourette’s syndrome. When I see that little boy he is always happy as can be, but he is extremely aggressive. I think Jayce, his 3 year old son, could possibly have been handed down this mental disorder that causes him to act this way. When you observe Jayce and his mother, Raeann together, he’s gentile with her for the most part. When his father Michael comes around, he becomes more aggressive. Jayce kicks, punches, bites and screams at them sometimes. Especially when he doesn’t get what he wants. He hasn’t been tested yet and raeann plans to have him tested soon. The purpose of this research paper is for myself and for my friends Raeann and

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