Mental Health Essay

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1. Mental health workers provide specialist support to individuals with mental health problems. The role of a mental health worker covers three main areas which are, direct client work, practice team work, and wider networking. There are many roles in mental health working, and each role requires different skills, and holds a specific purpose. The core function of each and every role is to help and support those experiencing mental health difficulties. This is mainly done through face to face client work. Their work not only involves individual clients, but also families, carers and wider communities. One of the main functions of a worker is to promote positive mental health, and also raise awareness of the importance of addressing mental health issues. They support individuals with their conditions and give them more of an understanding. Mental health workers also provide more information for patients on the help and resources available to them, and can relay information from clients to signpost them to the relevant points of contact and knowledge. Mental health workers are responsible for assessing the requirements of a client and ensuring they meet their needs. The needs of a client vary with each person, but could involve administrating medication, and helping the client to deal with managing their own medication. They also provide someone to talk to, a listening ear, and someone to offload their troubles and worries onto. Another function of a mental health worker is to help with symptoms, this may involve providing more information on what they are experiencing, or could involve specific individual workers, such as gaining medication from a GP, or CBT, (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) from a psychologist. The direct work between a mental health worker and client can also lead onto wider work, by organising activities and groups with others to promote the

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