The Mens Guide to Dating Modern Women: A Womans Perspective Essay

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Unlike primitive times when the man who retrieved the most food had his pick of any woman he wanted in his community, dating has become a much more complex activity. Since the 1960’s American feminist movement, women have become independent and much more selective in the mates that they choose. Most women select men who have distinct qualities, such as dependability, social stature, intelligence, and kindness. However, before a man can win over a woman’s affection, he must understand why women act differently than their opposite sex, what women want and seek in relationships, and how to decipher what women really mean when they say, “I have a headache.” First, men must understand women’s emotions and why they think differently from men. Most men fail to understand that there is a reason why women are so emotional. Women have a hormone called estrogen in their body that makes them more vulnerable and emotional. Not only does this hormone make women more emotional, estrogen improves memory and the ability to multi-task. Therefore, when men think that women won’t remember that lie they were told five months ago, the answer is yes, they will. A man is better off being honest with a woman than trying to cover up a wrong doing. The woman will respect him more for his honesty. Though honesty can be difficult for some men, it is even harder for men to understand what women want. In a nutshell, most women seek out a man that can take care of them. They want someone who is confident, has a great career, and has some kind of social status. Not only do women want a man like this, they want a man who will communicate well. Women need someone to listen to their problems. This is where women need support, and if they find a man who they feel confident enough to confide in, that man is increasing his chances of being a potential mate. On the other hand, that man must not ruin

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