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* Sarabia Manor Hotel * Amigo Terrace Hotel * Hotel Del Rio * Days Hotel * Iloilo Grand Hotel * The Grand Dame Hotel * Iloilo Business Hotel * EON Centennial Plaza Hotel * The Residence Hotel * Four Season Hotel * La Fiesta Hotel * Century 21 Hotel * Iloilo Midtown Hotel * Highway 21 Hotel * Promotional Strategies in Hotels * Independent hotels are small businesses, and as such they do not have the same abundant resources and corporate guidance enjoyed by the major chains. Instead of benefitting from a nationwide hotel brand marketing campaign, independent hotels must devise and carry out their own marketing strategies based on the quality and style of the hotel, its price point, and who the target consumers are. * Sponsored Link * Book Hotels in * The Lowest Rates For Your Stay Book with HotelSaurus & Save Now! * Mass Market Promotion * Large-scale online travel sellers have the reach and the marketing power to deliver big numbers when it comes to room nights sold. They have names that nearly every travel consumer knows, with dedicated websites supported by advertising campaigns in markets around the world. They contract both large chains and independent properties, selling hotel rooms at a discount online. The exposure they provide can be invaluable and well beyond the means of any small-business owner to attain independently. People searching for a room in a given location will look up the available hotels, and * yours will pop up as an option. Online travel sellers select properties based on their location, the selection of available amenities, and the ownership's willingness to provide commissions and special rates. * Specialized Agencies * The use of travel agencies as a selling tool tends to be more of a targeted effort than national mass

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