Mending Walls Essay

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Robert Frost offers quintains which depict the value of privacy, mischief, and the boundary and obstacle between man and earth in the poem "Mending Walls." With refinement, Frost uses elements of nature to convey his philosophy of how having a wall(barrier) is one man's notion of being a good neighbor, even though that notion is the opposite of his own. Frost portrays the wall in "Mending Walls" as a boundary for man. "Mending Walls" depicts the personal and natural freedoms, as well as limitation, of a rural existence. This wall symbolized privacy, protection, communication , and friendship. Although there is an imaginary wall between Frost and his neighbor, his neighbor wants a physical one. Frost states the first line repeatedly throughout he poem to emphasize that the version of the American dream of boundaries symbolizes ownership or staking a claim. Frost hint at another version. He rather reaches across the walls to foster positive relations with other people and cultures. Just like Frost, nature illustrates desegregation while some humans demonstrate segregation. There are no boundaries to nature. The world is one to her. Frost's poems deal with nature in an everyday, human fashion and are written in the language of ordinary speech. This colloquial tone is relevant for looking at Frost's poems in the context of the American dream. His poetry speaks to the common man with simple, yet evocative images. "Stay where uou are until our backs are turn" (Line 19) shows the neighbors having fun in mending the wall together, creating a cheerful atmosphere. Robert Frost uses an unrhymed iambic pentameter scheme. His figurative expressions are used in "Mending Walls" to describe the relationship between the neighbors. Many phrases contain both a literal and metaphoric meaning. For example, the phrases "to walk the line" and "set the wall between us" (Lines

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