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Mendel Notes Essay

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Gregor Mendel
  * Austrian Monk
  * Pea-plants
  * Mid 1800’s
  * Fathered modern genetics
  * Born 1822 in Austria currently Czech Republic
  * Poor background
  * After failed attempt of becoming a science teacher – spent much leisure time in the garden with peas
  * Microscopes weren’t good enough, and knowledge on sexual reproduction and cell division was non-existent
      * Assumed that if a black squirrel and white squirrel were to reproduce, it would be a grey squirrel
  * After spending 8 years with pea-plants Mendel discovered that this line of thinking was entirely wrong
  * Mendel paved the way to understanding the fundamental properties of inheritance which ultimately helped us understand modern genetics
Traits he studied
  * Color of Pea Flowers
  * Color and Texture of the peas themselves
Are determined by a single gene
Not the case for majority physical traits in organisms
Inherited Traits:
Two or more genes working together to determine eye color or ear shape
Or the product of one trait having a hand in a bunch of different physical traits

Pea plants in his garden were purple most of the time, but every once in a while, they produced white ones. Background of heredity in college, he knew the way to get to the bottom of this was to create true breeding lines of purple flower peas and a true breeding line of white flower peas. Breaded purple peas for successive generations until he was getting purple peas all the time; did the same thing for white peas.
Having done this, Mendel began an experiment in which he bred the purely purple flowered and the purely white flowered plants together. Doing this for successive generations Mendel came to that the pea plants were white exactly ¼ of the time.

Led Mendel to three important conclusions:
  * Pea plants were inheriting a pair of genetic instructions from each parent. Sometimes both instructions from parent for purple – sometimes both instructions for white –...

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