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Mende Nazer Essay

  • Submitted by: NexGen2000
  • on December 2, 2013
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Akim Ferguson
Story of Mende Nazer
The person I have chosen to research knew what it is like to be in pain and struggle to survive. That person is Mende Nazer, she was born in 1980(no actual records keep), in the Nuba mountains. Mende had to overcome loneliness, abuse and slavery for a long period of time. This started back in 2002. Mende’s village was raided and burned. She was taken from her family when she and 30 other children were abducted and raped. Many of the village’s people were slaughtered, burned, or raped. Mende believes that the cause of the destruction of her village was the Sudan Civil War. She did not know of the war or the consequences that followed during that time. So she and her village lost greatly as a cost of the war.
When Mende was kidnapped, she was sold into the world of slavery.   After being held by many owners, she was soon bought by a very wealthy Arab family in Khartoum. She was forced to act as a slave to the family and forced to in live in very bad conditions. She was emotionally and physically abused by the family and sold again finally to another related family of her captors.
Mende had to get strength to fight her situation in the best way she could, she learned her captor’s ways and used that information to help plot her escape. She had to overcome the fear of being beaten or possibly killed to get her freedom.
She became stronger while on a shopping trip with her captors when she saw her father who also had never stopped searching for her in a market square. Even though she could not get his attention this gave her the strength to pursue her freedom even more.
Finally she was able to secure her freedom with the aid of another West African resident in her neighborhood. He helped her escape her captors and finally get in touch with her father and family.
Mende’s story is a personal story of will and faith. Her belief in her family and her freedom is what brought her through her trial.

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