Men's and Women's Talk- Different Essay

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Everyone knows that men and women talk differently but we don't know why. In my opinion, little boys learn to talk like their father and little girls learn to talk like their mother. During the process of growing, boys and girls only communicate with their respective genders, so their way of speaking not same such as: character, expressive, behavior, hobby and so on. And this is some example. Men talk mainly in order to exchange information. Women also exchange information, but their main goal to connect with people. Men talk if they feel there is some purpose in talking. For women, talking is a goal in itself, because It accomplishes many thing for her. After men have exchanged their bit of information, they think there is nothing more to talk. But women's chance for conversation is virtually unlimited. Men talk about one subject at a time. When they have finished exchange all the information on that subject they don't know how to continue. Women can flit from one subject to another and back because they are processing many things in their think, and they can connect different subjects they are talking about together. Men talk about facts and information, they talk about them directly and logically. Women talk indirectly and expect the listeners to guess what they mention. Men's aim is to convey them as accurately as possible. They like to talk in public in order to gain recognition. But women like to talk in order to gain intimacy. When a man faces a problem, he wants to be alone to think over it till he gets to a solution. Otherwise, when a woman faces a problem, she wants to talk about it in order to vent out her feelings. Men don't like to appear vulnerable by asking for help. Women don't hesitate to appear vulnerable, so they share their problems easily with others. Men can handle only one task at a time. So if they feel something negative, they

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