Men, Women, Sex and Darwin Essay

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What Women Want page 31 Natalie Angier Pulitzer Prize-winning science reporter for New York Times Melba A. Grant DeVry College English Composition 112 Natalie Angier Natalie Angier, a Pulitzer Prize-winning science reporter for the New York Times. Natalie wrote an essay titled Men, Women, Sex and Darwin in 1999 and originally appeared the New York Times this essay is a combination that considers both science and social context as it pertains to the questions and assumptions that scientist and society has as a whole as it relates to the behavior of men and women. What Women Want page 31 “Women want a provider” (Natalie, 1999) page 31 theory suggest that all women want a man who seems rich, stable and ambitious. This theory includes those women who are already financially capable of handling their own finances, wants and needs. The writer suggest that men who has stability, ambition, whom are dominate and can provide an environment in which a mother can comfortably care for her young is the criteria by which women choose their male mate. It is with partial shame that I say I strongly agree with this theory. My reluctance derives from my lack of appreciation realizing that I am just like those female pillars of strength that has raised me. To clarify, I must give a brief history of my childhood. Growing up an only child, however into a huge female dominated family. These females are strong, fearless, independent and semi masculine women who has been my role models for as long as I can remember. My favorite aunt Evelyn is the oldest girl of 12 children, born in Greenville North Carolina December 28, 1933 she has 80 years of wisdom and has never been shy ensuring that I was well educated by the way of the streets. Here is some of her life lessons: * “Melba Lu you better pick your men the way you don’t mind your churin (children) looking. * “All men
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