Men Who Built America

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CHAPTER 10 STUDY GUIDE SECTION A: 1. This is a sensational style of writing that exaggerates the news to lure readers. Yellow journalism 2. This volunteer cavalry unit fought in a famous land battle near Santiago, Cuba. Rough Riders 3. This Cuban poet and journalist launched a Cuban revolution in 1895. José Marti 4. Soon after this was destroyed, the United States declared war on Spain. U.S.S. Maine 5. This nation gained its independence in the Spanish-American War. Cuba 6. This general forced Cubans to relocate to reconcentration camps where thousands of them died. General Valeriano Weyler 7. He was the naval commander who led the American forces that steamed into Manila Bay and destroyed the Spanish. George Dewey 8. Which nation was directly affected by the Foraker Act? Puerto Rico 9. For which nation's independence did Emilio Aguinaldo fight? Philippines 10. Which nation was the focus of John Hay's "Open Door notes"? China 11. Big Stick Diplomacy, Dollar Diplomacy, and Moral Diplomacy were all intended to protect U.S. business interests in Latin America. 12. In the late 1800s, many Americans thought building a canal across Central America would help the United States to improve America's worldwide trade and military abilities. 13. The Philippines fought the United States just after the Spanish-American War because the United States had kept the Philippines as a colony, and it wanted independence. 14. The fighting in the Spanish-American War lasted for only about sixteen weeks. 15. The Treaty of Paris ended the Spanish American war and did the following: A. Gave Cuba independence B. Gave USA Guam and Puerto Rico C. Spain sold the Philippines to the USA for $20 million. 16. In the early 1900s, trade with China was important to the United States because businesses wanted to export goods to China, a huge market. 17. What was included in the de Lôme

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