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Jill Drosen R.Finlaysion Compare and contrast 3/23/15 Comparing/contrasting men and women Anytime anyone is about to have a baby the first question is "Is it a boy or a girl?" People ask this question because there is a difference between the two genders. Several are curious to know whether the baby will turn out to be a sweet young lady or a strong young man. Even as children, the distinctions are obvious and stand apart. A young girl may ask a boy "What's that?" A young boy may ask a girl "Where's yours?" This is their first step towards self discovery. Everyone knows there is a difference but no one ever stops to see how many there truly are. There are numerous reasons why someone has become the gender they are, which is why the two appear different. Various people have been in the fight for equality over the years, they argue that even though we are all so different we can all be treated in the same way for equality among men and women, there are still many differences, such as, body image, mate selection, sexuality, and stereotypes. Men and women are very different. Men are looked at to be strong, reliable, and hard working. They should be the “run” of the house and have the most control. Women tend to be the sensitive, dependent, and self-respecting. Women are usually in charge of the bills, cleaning, an cooking. Back in the day, every women was a house mom. Cleaned the house, feed the kids,and made her husband dinner. While the men are working hard at work and are bringing the money home. Men and women also think differently. A lady could be over analyzing a whole situation while a man thinks “simple” Their actions are also different to situations. Men are looked at to be strong and muscular while women are supposed to be smart and independent. Men and women are also similar. They both hear,touch,taste and see the same things. They are both

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