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Molly Curcio November 13, 2011 Comparative Thesis Paper In both Deborah Tannen’s “Different Words, Different Worlds, and Anna Quindlen’s Between the Sexes, A Great Divide” an explanation is given about the differences between women and men. Both authors share some common themes. However, there are definitely major differences. Quindlen’s piece is not only significantly shorter but her writing style, examples, and opinions are a bit different. Tannen’s writing is lengthy, personal, analytical and well sourced. Even though the differences between these two pieces can easily be highlighted there are some similarities. Both Tannen and Quindlen believe there are obvious differences and similarities between men and women. However, when specifically observing the relationship between men and women Tannen believes the main differences lie in communication, reactions, the way life is approached and the dynamics of childhood. Communication has been a necessity for the human race since the beginning of time. Without it we would be unable to function as a society. Because communication has been around for so long, one would assume men and women would have mastered this skill. However, there are still many problems. Both Tannen and Quindlen highlight this issue in their excerpts. Tannen believes that one reason for this communication problem is the way males and females approach life. Tannen believes that most “men approach the world as an individual in a hierarchical social order in which he was either one up or one down. Life is then seen as a contest, a struggle to preserve independence and avoid failure” (Tannen 680). On the contrary, “women approach the world as an individuals in a network of connections. In this world, conversations are negotiations for closeness in which people try to seek and give confirmation and support, and to reach a consensus ” (Tannen 680).

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