Men and Women Essay

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If I hear one more woman tell me that I don’t need a man or that a man isn’t the end, I am going to get on a megaphone and call bullshit across the room. Heterosexual women who talk about men like they don’t need or want men are lying. It is obvious you don’t ever get your worth from another person but you know you want to be loved above all else. I applaud the push for women to figure out their own worth. In fact, I believe that is healthy!!!! But seriously, rejecting men and the need of men is just pretending to have power and you know that is wrong. You don’t have to reject someone to love yourself. You can embrace your desire of men, or the need for love with men. If you feel like you have to reject to be empowered then you are in denial. That frigid, cold mindset only pits us against them. That ideal separates the sexes to the same degree that being truthful can bring them together. You cannot tell me one more time that you don’t want that unprecedented romance. That you would rather grow old and die alone. How does that lie really serve your purpose or mine? It just keeps people living in denial about what’s really going on. Wanting to be in love or having a man isn’t weakness. It is being honest. You should be honest with yourself. Deny, pretend, and be so high and mighty as to say you don’t need or want that but we both know deep down, when you are honest with yourself that you do! We need men as much as they need us. You need to get comfortable with that reality real quick. Are you really going to tell me that you don’t want a relationship, you don’t need sex, and you don’t believe in love? Just admit it you want all those things. You don’t have to perpetuate the lie that all the feminist scream from the rooftops while the only thing making them scream in bed is a vibrator. The guy at Touch of Romance knows, I have wasted enough

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