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Men and Women Men and women have evolved together since the beginning of time. Men and women can be very similar yet at the same time can be extremely different. There are many differences between these two sexes like in what they eat, how they act, what spots they play and watch, how they feel etc. They have so many differences that one could argue that they could be completely different species. If one was not attracted to another then maybe they would be barley any interaction between the two. Women are known to be way more emotional when compared to men, not to say that men can not be emotional but that is what is normal now a days. Women are defiantly more likely to show how they are feeling whether it is good or bad, they also are more willing to talk about their feelings and emotions. Men on the other hand are known to be more emotionally distant. When something happens to a guy, usually the guy would rather not want to talk about how he is feeling. The reason for this is a man's brains are wired for action during high emotion, whereas women's brains are wired for talking things over. In an emotionally-arousing situation, a man's first instinct is to leave and calm down. It also takes much longer for a man's blood pressure and immune system to return to normal after high emotion than it does for a woman. Men are more in to action than women. If you compare all the sports that men and women play men are in to physical sports because men tend to be stronger and more aggressive when they play sports. This is why men dominate sports like football, rugby, U.F.C., boxing, and wrestling. Generally the public enjoys watching men play over women, forever what reason this may be it is true. For example if you compare baseball and softball, baseball is a national sport while softball is not, also there are much more views for men’s boxing in comparison to women’s

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