Men And Women Essay

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{draw:a} Top of Form {draw:frame} {draw:frame} Bottom of Form Advanced Search What is Helium {draw:frame} Show All Channels Relationships & Family Communication Interpersonal Communication {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} {text:list-item} There are 7 articles on this title. You are reading the article ranked and rated #1 by Helium's members. Relationships & Family > Male / Female Communication Styles Men and women in society Top Article All 7 Articles [1of 7](file:///C:Documents%20and%20SettingsappusDesktopshyamMen%20and%20women%20in%20society%20-%20by%20Carol%20Wise%20-%20Helium_filesMen%20and%20women%20in%20society%20-%20by%20Carol%20Wise%20-%20Helium.htm) The roles given to both men and women within our society begin very early and often the messages so hidden that even the more informed or enlightened souls of the world don't recognize them and pass them on as their parents did. Then we scratch our heads and wonder why women and men seem to be such different creatures. Those messages get through to our children whether we like them or not. I have never seen myself as a typical female, I just didn't fit, as a result I have had experiences that many women haven't. Some of my ideas are very different then other females, yet I still got many of the silent messages and have a hard time understanding exactly how differently men can see the world compared to me and other females. Fortunately I want to understand and I have four sons, who have taught me volumes and continue to do so. I also have a terrific husband who is willing to share as well. I read and I observe and quite frankly there is much I still have difficulty grasping but I do see that there are many problems between the sexes because of the roles we have created as a

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