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Men and Women By LeeAnn Norris How are men able to sit in their underwear all day, playing video games, knowing well enough there is trash that needs taken out or dishes that need done? Then the next day they have off, trash still sitting there, they choose to go hunting or work on cars. I know when a woman has free time she’s usually running errands: paying bills, going to the bank, stopping at the nail salon, and picking up something for dinner. Women get things done while men think they’re getting things done. They were able to reach level twenty-seven and kill all the evil men on their video game. It only took four hours to change the brakes on the truck and they manage to be covered head to toe in grease. I’ll give them some credit, they got the brakes changed. It’s not fair how men can go to bed looking good and wake up looking even better. They snore all night and drool all over the pillow but still they wake up looking hot! I have seen many women in the mornings and it’s a scary sight. They look like a tornado passed through the night. Their hair going in many different directions and mascara smudges reaching down to their cheeks. They don’t dare leave the house without a shower and forty-five minutes in the bathroom making them look like they did before they went to sleep. Men are able to brush their teeth, throw on some jeans, and are ready to go. How is that possible? Speaking of bathrooms, have you ever seen a man’s bathroom? There are usually four items: a bar of soap, a toothbrush, a razor, and toilet paper, if you’re lucky. The toilet seat is always up and there isn’t a rug in sight. They are able to step out of the shower and right onto a cold, tile floor. They make the floor all wet so that they’ll have to keep their balance and try not to slip and fall. Now, if you were

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