Men And Women Essay

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Men and women have two very different ways of looking at marriage and family. As the book title says, Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus. Or are they? Although men and women have many different thoughts and views on marriage and family, they both emphasize the same points. Men and women have different vantage points on nearly everything, and seeing an issue from two different places will yield two different views, even when viewing the same scene. An objective look, however, reveals that we have many of the same values, even when we verbalize it differently. There are many commitments that men and women make in their lives, and different responsibilities come with those. Men have traditionally had the role of provider expected of them, and been trained in that direction. Consequently, men are wired to do just that, and that is what they attempt to do. If you were to ask a man “What is your top priority?” he would probably answer, “My job.” Women have traditionally been prepared for the role of homemaker, and have typically been prepped in that direction. Asked the same question, most women would answer, “My family.” They give two answers, but they say the same thing. Men place such emphasis on the job because it provides for their family. As women, we watch our mothers, grandmothers, and aunts learning to master the tasks we will need to master when we are grown. In this, we are prepared for life as a wife when we are grown. Women talk of having the perfect wedding and getting married before they become teenagers. Men, on the other hand, learn all the responsibilities of being a man while growing up. They learn from their fathers that they will one day meet a girl, fall in love, and marry to provide for her. I don’t think I have ever heard men sit around having a conversation about the perfect wedding. Women view marriage as a goal in life;

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