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MEN & WOMEN Men and Women, same planet, different minds. The main idea of this selection to me, is about the difference of men and women. The way they think and act, how their differences draw them together and at the same time, break them apart. Women are more complex and their happiness can come from even the smallest things. While men generally are more simple and hate confrontation and at times, miss the small details of women that make them feel special. These are just some examples, but the main idea is just how are differences co-exist with each other. In the first paragraph, I think their more focused on the belief system of men and women. More on communication, an how each approach communication, utilize communication and interpret communication. How women rather talk about the relationship to make it stronger and keep that fire alive as if it were when they first met. On the other hand men don’t care to talk about it, being a fear of commitment or even starting an argument. In this second paragraph, it’s dealing more on men’s ego an dominance, most men feel like if they give in to a woman’s demand, that she’s ruling out that she’s the more dominate one, were a man will even go as far as to keep his dominance, hurt and upset his partner. A man’s communication is focused on ego-enhancement rather than relationship-enhancement. This section is more focused on a woman’s belief system. The focus is more on the relationship-enhancement, how they put themselves aside to either make a relationship work, or what would make others happy, even if it means sacrificing what is best for her. Women usually see the bigger picture compared to men, which men only see it, when their relationship is on the boarder of failing. The last section deals with both men and women’s misunderstanding of one another on the bases of our differences. An once we understand each

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