Memphis Belle Essay

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Memphis Belle The film, Memphis Belle, tells the story of a young crew of men that flew on dangerous bombing raids during World War II into Europe. Memphis Belle takes you on the journey the young crew went on while flying the last and final mission with the Memphis Belle. To evoke the emotions of fear, anxiety,frustration and sorrow that the characters are feeling during this film to the audience, the director Michael Caton-Jones, uses a variety of filming techniques. Some of the filming techniques used include the use of documentary footage, symbolic codes, soundtrack, various camera techniques including overhead shots and close-ups and editing techniques including jump cuts. In the film the viewers experience a sense of realism of what it would be like to be one of those men flying during the bombing raids of World War II. The director uses documentary footage to show us this realism. For example, during the scene where voice overs are heard of parents reading letters that they had sent to Col. Craig Harriman, the director uses footage of real life scenes of bomber aircrafts during World War II. This use of footage adds realism and makes the story come to life more. It evokes strong emotions to the viewers as we realise this actually happened. The use of symbolic codes during the film portrays strong feelings of hope and also acts as a bond between the characters. Throughout the film the director uses a main symbolic code with the use of lucky charms. All of the crew members of the Memphis Belle hold with them throughout the film a lucky charm which portrays to the audience the hope that they all carry. The soundtrack the director uses throughout the film is very emotional and stirring music. The director uses well-known songs from the era, Danny Boy and Amazing Grace in particular that became anthems for the people involved in conflicts,
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