Memory Loss Essay

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What impact do you think Alzheimer’s disease has on the patient’s family and/or caregivers? Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most prevalent illnesses affecting the elderly population. Not only is the elderly person affected by this disease, but their family and caregivers are as well. The role of the caregiver changes over to because the symptoms of the disease also change over time. Caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease can be overwhelming, exhausting and stressful. The way the caregiver copes with this stress can have an effect on the quality of life for the elderly person being cared for. I believe there should be more information and resources are needed for caregivers to increase the quality of life for both the Alzheimer’s patient and caregiver. How did it make you feel personally when you watched these videos? Have you had any personal experience with Alzheimer’s disease in your own family or friends? How did it affect your family? These videos were really eye-opening; it made me appreciate my own life. I pretty much was crying and trying to keep it together while watching these videos. I realized how much Alzheimer’s disease affects their communication skills, personality and behavior. Also, how much trouble they were trying to express a statement but all of sudden they forgot the word and they would get frustrated. I can only imagine what these caregivers are going through while watching these stories. Jackie Harrell, a caregiver stated, “It was for other people that have to go through what I have gone through. I was lost when it happened to me. If I can help someone else along the way it would make me feel good”. It is great to know that there are people that are able to help others going through the same thing because they don’t want them to feel the same way they felt. I do not have any family members with Alzheimer's. What do you think

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