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Memory Lab Research question Does the gender and learning method affect the memorization of pie? Research Specific results indicated that women excelled in verbal episodic memory tasks, such as remembering words, objects, pictures or everyday events, and men outperformed women in remembering symbolic, non-linguistic information, known as visuospatial processing. For example, the results indicate a man would be more likely to remember his way out of the woods. Bibliography Hypothesis If pie is presented in 3 ways to students male and female (Through song, pattern, or memorization) and told to memorize pie in 10 minutes then male and female will memorize pie more through pattern and females will memorize pie better than males. Variables Independent variables Value A- Song Value B- Memory Value C- Pattern Dependent Variables Value 1- Whether the students could remember or not Constant Time allowed = 10 minutes Number of students per group Materials Paper Pencil Isolated area Slip with pie printed on it Procedures/Methods 1. Count off students 2. Split them into 3 groups 3. Give them all slips of paper with pie on it 4. Assign each group a way to memorize pie 5. Separate the groups in different areas 6. Wait 10 minutes 7. Bring all students back into classroom 8. Give them a slip of paper and have them write down as many numbers as they can remember, once finished have the student write either if they are male or female Data/Table Analysis (Calculations, Graphs, and Interpretation) Conclusion In conclusion the group that memorized pie the best was the group that learned using a pattern, and overall males memorized pie better than females. Our hypothesis was wrong about gender but was correct about the method of memorization. Evaluation

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