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Introduction Alcohol had been a common consume drug for the people of western. Consuming too much of alcohol leads to damage in prospective memory. Prospective memory (PM) is the process of remembering to do things at some future point in time (Brandimonte et al., 1996). Examples of prospective memory include remembering to take the document to lab, remembering to make a call to a friend and remembering to meet someone at night. Prospective memory made up of thinking back of an action or what had plan to do in a certain of time.PM has only recently been subjected to systematic empirical research ranging from laboratory studies to self-rated assessments (e.g., Brandi- monte et al., 1996; Ellis et al., 1999).According to Crawford et al. (2003) he had developed Prospective and Retrospective Memory Questionnaire (PRMQ), to measure the prospecstive memory and retrospestive memory. Accoding to Knight and Godfrey (1985), chronic heavy alcohol user had a higher rate in damage of remembering in an every day context compare to non- alocohol or low dose- alcohol user. Ling et al (2003) had done a reaseach on the effects of alcohol on subjective retings of prospective and everyday memory deficits. Their study are to examined self-ratings of two aspects of memory performance which is prospective memory and everyday memory. Pacticpants were asked to answer the self-report questionnaires which is the Everyday Memory Questionnaire (EMQ) and Prospective Memory Questionnaire (PMQ) using an special created web-site on the University of Westminster web server. There were 763 participants take part in this study and the data were collected by using the Internet. According to Ling et al (2003) , chronic heavy use of alochol do had an effect on prospective memory and everyday memory. Besides that, another researchers had also done on a study of does excessive alcohol use in

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