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INTRODUCTORY PSYCHOLOGY COGNITION AND ABNORMAL BAP 13014 ESSAY DEFINE AND DISTINGUISH BETWEEN SHORT-TERM MEMORY AND LONG-TERM MEMORY. EXPLAIN HOW THESE TWO PROPOSED STATES OF MEMORY DIFFER IN (A) DEPENDENCE ON RETRIEVAL CUES AND (B) CAPACITY By GEETHA KARUPANA BAP 201430034 6TH March 2015 Sept intake, Year 2014 Bachelor of Applied Psychology Memory is essential to an individual to maintain information over time throughout life. Without a memory during the life event, a person cannot operate the present or think about future. Remembering what a person did yesterday, what have been done today and what are the plan that going be conduct tomorrow is a part of memory that show how a person able to store and retrieve those memory towards the events of life. Kalat (2010) mention “memory is the retention of information”. This shows that without memory, a human progression would not exist and it play an important role in remembering, learning, planning and creating. The pathway takes information, as it processed into memories is complex and has many stages such as short- term memory and long-term memory. Some research evidences, and studies suggest the view of short-term memory (STM) and long-term memory (LTM) are separated stores and contain different level of abilities of capacity. Concept of STM and LTM generally agreed and evidences is provide the information processing system could differ in two fundamental ways such as dependence on retrieval cues and capabilities limit. Several theorists such as Atkinson and Shiffrin (1968) have explained the basic framework of memory system and describe a multi-stored approach based on their theories. The first stimuli will enter the sensory memory where the information can be register for brief of time. Then the information will be passed to short-term memory store attention is vital. Moreover, the information might

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