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Memory Have you ever started taking a test you were, or thought you were ready for and a question comes up and you don’t know the answer? Then you finish the test and you remember what the correct answer is? Short memory lapses, or more commonly known as “brain farts,” happen all the time. I can’t say how many times I’ve studied for a test and came across a question where I should know the answer but can’t quite grasp it, then hours later I can remember the correct answer. Why does this happen? And why does it happen at the most important times? Is there a way to prevent future memory lapses from occurring? This issue is very frustrating because memory lapses happen at the worst times. A brain fart happens during tests, when you’re talking to your friends about certain topics and anytime there is thinking involved. I recently went into a job interview. This interview was set up as three different interviews with three different people. After easily passing the first two, I was coming up on the most important, the third interview. This interview was the most important because this interviewer decided whether or not I would get hired. I was very nervous and to top it off, I hadn’t been getting enough sleep because I was sick. The interviewer pounded me with various questions. Some I felt like I answered perfectly and the others caught me off guard and I had no idea what to say. Thankfully I passed the interview, but I look back now and I feel like I could have answered those questions better. There were a few questions where I had to point out specific awards I earned and there was a question where the interviewer asked for my favorable achievement. I had no idea what to say to those at the time, but now I can remember everything I’m proud of. There are times where I wish I could go back in time and change what happened during my memory lapses. Most people I

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