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Memory Essay

  • Submitted by: benkacan
  • on January 11, 2013
  • Category: Psychology
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Through the research conducted, I have come to an eye opening conclusion. Memory is influenced both negatively and positively by a number of factors that simple reasoning will support. One of which is being organized, by writing things down and creating habits to prevent forgetting information and losing objects of importance. Next, as it is easier said than done, stay healthy by getting religious exercise, eating right and also by maintaining good mental health. This can be done by avoiding depression and stress, or by simply being happy. This allows you to appropriate an uncanny amount of focus which has proved to be the most influential factor in a successful memory as time whittles away at one’s mind.
Organization will ideally make things easier to find, or recall, in your physical, as well as mental, life. Organizing will allow healthy habits to form by means of performing ritualistic activities on a consistent basis, such as placing your car keys on a desk upon entering your home. This action, as it is carried out over a period of 29 days, will leave no question in your mind as to where your keys might be. To develop these organizational habits, there mustn’t be any form of distraction between the time the habit-to-be begins to be committed and the final stages of the action, or the attempt to engrain the movements will be in vein.  
The brain harbors the components of our memories and for the brain to work properly it must have an adequate flow of blood and oxygen. The easiest way to ensure this determining factor of a functioning brain is by eating healthy and keeping up with moderate amounts of exercise. These two processes work to prevent obesity, which can greatly affect memory as well as other brain functions. Oxygen is carried by our blood cells to our brain through our veins and arteries and being obese raises your chances of arterial blockage, which in turn keeps the appropriate amount of oxygen from allowing the brain to work at its...

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