Memories Of Learning English

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As an immigrant in America, the hardest thing to do is learning English. It is survival for immigrant to live in America. I came to America without knowing any English. I’ve been through a lot of funny things on way to America, and school because of lack of English. I stepped into airplane with excitement and fear going to an other country to live. While I was flying to here, the stewardess saw the fear on my face, and she decided to calm me down by talking to me. She asked me “what is your name?” but at that time, I couldn’t understand English at all, though I could tell it was a question by the tone. I thought about possible questions the stewardess could ask, suck as “Would you like to have something to drink?” or “Do you need anything?”. Then I finally guessed my answer, “Yes”. Everyone sitting around me was laughing, but I didn’t know why. I got into middle school, but they did not have ESL class for immigrants which gave me hard time to learn English. One day in English class, the teacher asked me a question but I didn’t know what the answer was, to be straight, I didn’t even understand what she said. At that moment, a classmate next to me gave me the answer. “Say, Bitch” I didn’t know what bitch meant, but since the white classmate gave me the answer, I felt it was the right answer. So I stood up and said “Bitch” loud. And I had to spend the rest of say in the office. High school year, it looked like everything was going fine still last day of junior year. My English class had a last day party and we were passing around papers to write what we were going to bring. My turn came, I read through the list and tried to find what was missing, and at the bottom of list, someone wrote “Camel Toe” I didn’t know what was that meant, so I asked my friend next to me, but he wouldn’t tell me. He just kept tell me to ask out teacher. I had bad experiences saying
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