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2011 December, 14 2nd period Do Not Forget Memories, people can learn from them or they can destroy a person, either way memories are an important part of what shapes our culture and us as individuals. Sometimes memory poses some problems, unpleasant memories can make a person bitter, depressed, vulnerable, scared, and even can cause people to have nightmares. Furthermore people learn from the mistakes they have made and even a whole world can change from events in the past that has affected a large portion of the world. No matter what you remember you can learn from the memory, even if it was a good memory. In the novel “Speak” the character Melinda Sordino was raped at a party over the summer, and then she called the police. The reason I am telling you this is because she is a great example how memories can help you learn and grow. When Melinda Sordino was in school she was an outcast, loner, a nobody, and she had no friends due to her calling the police at the party over the summer. Later in the novel she gets raped again and this time she fights back, Melinda has learned from the mistakes she made last time, then she began to open up to people, and she starts with the only teacher she has respect for , Mr.Freeman. When I was young I use to live in Virginia with my mother and my stepfather, my stepfather was very hateful towards me and he use to hit me constantly, mostly because a bad grade on a spelling test or messing up on my homework and eventually I was very depressed and I felt worthless, stupid, neglected, hated, and I eventually became scared to come home sometimes. As a result of this I wanted to run away, eventually I ended up attempting to run away many times. As I have learned why my stepfather did what he did eventually I understood his reasoning and I forgave him. After this has happened to me I have had many times were I get really mad over

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