Memorial Project Essay

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The first thing you see is a large is a resemblance of the Twin Towers and they are made out of pure glass you can walk on the marble floor of the fountain to the towers and see the inscription. This inscription shows the names of the 3,000 people who lost there life. There is a walkway around the fountain, and it leads to a large plaque this plaque is decorated with the look of a fine american flag in front of the plaque there is a section of brick with the names of the dead staff members from the Pentagon. I wrote these names of these people, so that way people can always look back and have memories of them. I chose the patriotic symbol of honor, the American flag this flag honors the staff of the Pentagon who died that a tragic day. for the rest of the people who died their name is on a beautiful fountain written in gold. This gold symbolizes the power of those people have for these people have changed our security and our complete mindset. A park in the country you can hear the Wind lightly blowing the beautiful doves chirping. The water Glistens in the warm refreshing sun., some will say it looks quite magical. This memorial is placed near New York City that way many people can get to it. The mood is very smooth, quiet, and relaxing this causes people to feel more at home, and

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