Memorial Health Care Information System Failure

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Information System Briefing IT Project Implementation Failures Julie A. Freeman HCS/483 – Health Care Information Systems October 10, 2011 Instructor: Wayne Allen Information System Briefing “Health care organizations routinely undertake projects or initiatives designed to improve the performance of the organization or advance its strategies through the use of new or existing information technologies” (Wager, Lee, & Glaser, 2009). Although most organizations possess good intentions when it comes to information technology implementation, there is still room for error or complete failure. The most important factor is to use this kind of setback as a learning opportunity to facilitate organizational improvement, instead of viewing…show more content…
Unfortunately, there are several indicators of project failure within the organization. For example, Memorial’s objective is to significantly reduce the amount of medical errors by installing an enterprise-wide CPOE system. However, from the onset of the project, there was no time to properly plan or budget. Memorial might have an appealing vision for the future, but its strategy and implementation process is sorely lacking. Another indicator of Memorial’s project failure regards insufficient leadership support. Two of the organization’s top employees chose to resign at the most inopportune time; leaving the project to a newly appointed interim CEO. Since the CEO was an opponent of IT implementation, there was an obvious lack of belief in the organization’s project. A third indicator involves organizational inertia. The project was quickly implemented; so many workflow and system integration issues were missed. To keep up with the deadline, work activities must double and new software purchased. Final indicators of project failure within Memorial include management’s lack of candor, project complexity, insufficient training, failure to respect unknown or unplanned variables, anticipation failure, invisible progress,…show more content…
However, both of these options entail a huge loss in future profits. Other ways to avoid project failure mistakes involves accuracy and clarity. The objectives and goals of the organization should be illustrated through its chosen information technology. Additionally, tactics should include addressing any complexities, remaining flexible, offering incentives, and enforcing effective

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