Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen

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“Memoirs of an Ex-Prom Queen” was published thirty seven years ago, yet it raises issues that are still relevant to woman in the twenty-first century. The book cover shows a woman looking at herself in a hand-held mirror while standing in front of a vanity where a framed picture of a woman with a 1950s hair-do rests. The cover hints at what readers of the book may feel: as women read about Sasha, they may not be reading about themselves so much as their mothers. Major issues in the book include date rape, marital rape, infidelity, illegal abortions - all in the same year that Roe vs. Wade was being debated in the Supreme Court. All of these actions were juxtaposed with the idea and image of a Prom Queen. The question is, thirty-seven years later, is the book something that needs to be revised? Do more modern books get the job and point across better? The events in the book take place in the 1950s. Sasha Davis is the Jewish daughter of an Ohio lawyer who has tomboy principles and princess yearnings. When she wins a beauty contest at the age of fifteen, all of her adolescent beauty concerns are reaffirmed. Throughout the book Sasha has experiences and then reflects on them. The high school boys who pretend to give her a ride home but really want to feel her up, the school jock who equates her with his recent basketball victories, the college professor who enjoys some afternoon delights away from his wife and three children and in return for her services, praises her essay on Nietzsche, and the list goes on. She knows she has to cultivate something to live for after she’s no longer desirable by men and no longer takes pleasure from looking in the mirror. Thus begins the quest for sexual self-fulfillment that wrecks her mismatched marriage and sends her delving into her past to see if she can make sense of what she’s supposed to do with her life. The cover of the

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