Memoirs of a Geisha Summary

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MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA Chapter 1: Born in Yoroido, a small fishing village, young Chiyo leaves her home when her mother falls ill. She becomes a maid to beautiful Hatsumomo in an okiya in Gion, a famous geisha area in Kyoto. Chapter 2: Chiyo meets Pumpkin, another young girl. They have to please cruel Hatsumomo, who makes her life miserable at the okiya. Chapter 3: Feeling useless, unhappy Chiyo cries by a stream. A gentleman speaks kind words to her, offers her a handkerchief, and admires her beautiful grey eyes. She falls in love with the Chairman. Mameha initiates her in the geisha culture and protects her from Hatsumomo. Chapter 4: Chiyo goes to geisha school and after two years of hard work; she learns to pour tea, play instruments and apply makeup. She becomes Sayuri, the geisha. Pumpkin is a slow learner. Chapter 5: She starts entertaining men at parties in teahouses and soon becomes popular but Hatsumomo tries to ruin her chances. She favours Pumpkin to be adopted by Mrs. Nitta, and thus ensures the continuing of the okiya. Chapter 6: Mameha introduces Sayuri to Mr. Nobu, a businessman with severe burns and only one arm in the hope that he will become her danna. Sayuri would like the Chairman in his place. Chapter 7: Nobu gives Sayuri a gold comb in the presence of the Chairman, who realizes Nobu wants her. Hatsumomo sees Sayuri has become a true geisha and does not humiliate her any more. Sayuri cuts herself on purpose to meet Dr. Crab, who wins the bid for her mizuage. Chapter 8: Mrs. Nitta adopts Sayuri after she gets a good sum for her mizusage, which angers Hatsumomo. She becomes a geisha but does not see much of the Chairman. Nobu’s offer to become her danna pleases Mrs. Nitta but disappoints Sayuri, who hoped the Chairman would be. Chapter 9: World War II starts. General Tottori
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