Memoirs of a Geisha Essay

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The title of the book is Memoir of a Geisha which is written by Arthur Golden, a historian. The book is a historical fiction, taking place in the early 1900's and having historical events taking an important role {ie. World War II}as well as the story of the life of a geisha. Meaning the day to day life of the Geisha is correct but the minor events and names taking place are mostly fiction. The story is told in the first person, as sort of a very descriptive flashback. The story is told through the eyes of Sayuri, now an older woman (about her 70's) and she starts the story of when she was a very young girl and ends it with the "present" day where she owns a teashop in New York. The main plot of the story is as follows: Warning to all readers some spoilers may be revealed. To start Sayuri is not known as Sayuri but she is known as Chiyo and she lives in a small fishing village called Yoriodo in a tipsy house up a small mountain with her sister and her parents. Unfortunatly, Chiyo's family has been struck with tragedy as her mother has bone cancer and is constantly in agonizing pain. Seeing as the story takes place in the past, The doctor in the small town does not know what Bone cancer is, and so it is enevitable that Chiyo's mother will die soon. Chiyo's father is very poor and is advised to sell something in order to buy the mother a beautiful kimono in which for her to die in. The old Sakamoto, (Chiyo's father) is older then many because Chiyo is is second family and is so old, he is unable to care for his daughters. So he sells his two daughters to a man named Mr.Tanaka whom Chiyo has taking a liking to. Thinking that Chiyo is being adopted by Mr.Tanaka, when he calls for her and her sister, they quickly run off. Only to find that they have been sold and must go to far away villages near Kyoto, from there, they take a rickshaw to their new

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