Memoirs of a Geisha

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I. Memoirs of a Geisha a. This movie is based on the novel wrote by Arthur Gold. 1. The movie has facets: romance, drama and history of geishas’ culture. b. Synopsis: This story tells the life of a Japanese girl that was sold from her parents, and she was separated from her sister when she was nine years old. It tells how struggle her life was to became a Geisha in her new home. Also, For Chiyo was difficult to reach her truth love, and to deal with her enemies thru her life. c. Thesis: Memoirs of a Geisha is a true life story of a Japanese women projected in a well done film due to its wonderful scenarios, authentic characterization and gorgeous clothing design. II. ARGUMENTS a. Scenarios: 1. Southern and Northern California. 2. Japan: Kyoto, Kiyomizu Temple and the Fushimi Inari shrine. b. Characterization: 1. Either the writer or the actors played an intense role when filming the movie. 2. Zhang Ziyi was not welcomed at first since she is Chinese, and she was interpreting Chiyo (Japanese women). Because of the play, she was nominated for three BEFTA Awards and a golden Globe. 3. Ken Watanabe offered a well performance as “the charmain”. He was the dreamed love of Chiyo. 4. All of the actors gave different tones and personalities to the movie that it gives the audience the appearance to be in the real time (1960’s more or less). Also, it totally sent the message of what a real geisha is. c. Clothing: 1. Geishas have their own culture in using different attire. 2. Shoes: are Sandals with elevated platforms with irregular point. 3. Make up: Chiyo learned how to treat herself delicate and how to use geishas make up name. Usually, they wore white face powder, up to hair style, and tiny red lips. 4. Beautiful and elaborate Japanese clothing, where in the film it is mentioned how valuable is for Geisha to wear this king of clothing. Clothe is part

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