Memoirs Of a Geisha Essay

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Chiyo, a young Japanese girl, whose family, unable to support her, sells her to a geisha house in Kyoto in the 1930s. A geisha is a professional female companion for men in Japan, trained in music, dancing, and the art of conversation. The geisha training is a life of virtual slavery, and Chiyo finds herself working as maid to a malevolent geisha called Hatsumomo who, jealous of Chiyo’s beauty, makes her life utterly miserable. One day, as Chiyo weeps by a stream in the city, a wealthy man stops and comforts her. Chiyo, deeply moved by the man’s kindness, knows that she will never forget him. Two years later, a geisha called Mameha, as kind as Hatsumomo is cruel, takes Chiyo under her wing. Chiyo, now renamed Sayuri, becomes a successful geisha, renowned for her beauty. Then one day she meets the man who had comforted her by the stream. But life does not run smoothly for Sayuri and there are powerful obstacles that prevent the two from coming together. Chapter 1: Born in Yoroido, a small fishing village, young Chiyo leaves her home when her mother falls ill. She becomes a maid to beautiful Hatsumomo in an okiya in Gion, a famous geisha area in Kyoto. Chapter 2: Chiyo meets Pumpkin, another young girl. They have to please cruel Hatsumomo, who makes her life miserable at the okiya. Chapter 3: Feeling useless, unhappy Chiyo cries by a stream. A gentleman speaks kind words to her, offers her a handkerchief, and praises her beautiful grey eyes. She falls in love with the Chairman. Mameha initiates her in the geisha culture and protects her from Hatsumomo. Chapter 4: Chiyo goes to geisha school and after two years of hard work; she learns to pour tea, play instruments and apply makeup. She becomes Sayuri, an apprentice geisha. Pumpkin is a rather slow learner. Chapter 5: She starts entertaining

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